Heavy duty barrier

WORXSAFE Heavy Duty Barrier is a heavy temporary fencing for construction sites/ trenches in urban areas.

It’s robustly constructed and made of galvanized steel with a base filled with concrete. The counterweight is reinforced and protected by steel plate, making it very durable.

Comes complete with reflective labels and galvanized chain.


Heavy duty barrier 830460

Pedestrian Barrier 2,4 m

WORXSAFE Pedestrian Barrier 2.4 m is used for temporary fencing in construction sites/events.

Our Pedestrian Barrier is made ​​of galvanized steel and has interchangeable feet to simplify maintenance/repair.

Alternative flat foot, which is rotatable 90degrees for easy packing in stackable box.

Comes complete with Alu plate with reflective label mounted, which is riveted in the frame.


Pedestrian barrier 830471

Passarelle 2, 4 and 6 m

  • Foldable handrails for easy transport and quick assembly.
  • Stackable for storage and transport
  • Anti slip surface
  • Lift handles
  • High Toe board
  • Anodized Aluminium Handrails
  • Made of Aluminium



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Site fence

WORXSAFE Site Fence is a new design that made for rough handling and long life time. It is available in three versions, one with steel mesh, one with composite board material and one combination of both composite board and steel mesh.

The new design makes it possible for Temporary Fence Hoarding, which offers privacy and also ensures that maximum safety is achieved and at the same time possible for advertising.